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Picture Books!
Floating on Mama's Song
Alma Flor Ada wrote: "Floating on Mama's Song deserves to be in every library, in every classroom, and in the hands of each child to invite them to dream, to sing, to laugh...and to fly on the wings of a song!"

The Runaway Piggy
News! The Runaway Piggy has won the Tejas Star Book Award for this year!

Alicia’s Fruity Drinks
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Laura Lacámara!

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Laura creates rich, vibrant paintings and woodblock prints, often using dream images and magical realism to convey meaning. Influenced by her Cuban/Latino background, Laura’s illustrations appear in national magazines, children’s publishing, book covers and posters. Her images are licensed by Joan Cawley Gallery, Ltd.

Laura’s posters can now be found on and
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